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22nd April 2012  
All games rained off  
29th April 2012  
All games rained off  
6th May 2012  
Dewsbury: 77a/o Ali Murad: 78-5 (S Hufaijee 3-14)
Scouthill 'B': 45a/o (Ahmaeil 5-14) Kismat 'B': 46-1
Friends XI:222a/o (S Hussain 80, N Ahmed 45) Kashmir: 165a/o (A Kamran 41no, J Mir 35)
Ideal Star 'B': 112a/o (K Rashid 4-13, M Khan 3-25) Azad: 103a/o (S Mahmood 5-23, S Hussain 3-23)
Birkby Rose Hill: 186a/o (M Sjad 52no, A Mahmood 4-32) Dewsbury United: 187-6 (N Khan Raja 68, A Fazal 53)
13th May 2012  
Scouthill 'B': 116a/o (S Akhtar 39, S Gora 4/13, A Zaman 3/13) Dewsbury: 94a/o (A Hussain 32, M Hussain 4/15, W Rasool 4/15)
Kismat 'B': 68a/o (I Patel 49no, N Nawaz 3/13) Kashmir: 60a/o (S Sidat 4/16, I Patel 3/13)
Friends XI: 115a/o (Nasaar 4/37) Azad: 80a/o (M Sarfraz 5/14, M Saleem 4/27)
Ideal Star 'B': 158-9 ( S Kiani 55, T Mahmood 37, I Shareef 4/32) Birkby Rose Hill: 166-1 (I Shareef 113no)
Dewsbury Utd: 212-5 (A Fazal 51no, A Hussain 48, A Mahroof 3/9) Ali Murad: 213-7 (Shah Nawaz 109no, F Ali 73, G Khan 3/33)
20th May 2012  
Dewsbury: 57a/o ( J Mir 6/17, I Dadipatel 3/17) Kashmir: 58-1 (A Mahmood 33)
Kismat 'B': 137a/o (I Hussain 40no, K Rashid 5/31) Azad: 138-5 (J Hussain 47no, T Afzal 40)
Friends XI: 274a/o (S Hussain 70, N Ahmed 56, T Mahmood 3/23) Ideal Star 'B': 125a/o ( Sarfraz 4/29)
Ali Murad: 222a/o (S Nawaz 63, D Ali 41) Birkby Rose Hill: 49a/o (M Mahroof 5/23, M Shaiq 4/23)
Dewsbury United: 198a/o ( A Hussain 55, W Rasul 5/26) Scouthill 'B': 82a/o (A Mahmood 4/29, G Khan 3/3, A Hussain 3/28)
27th May 2012  
Kashmir: 89a/o (Asif Afzal 4/11) Dewsbury United: 90-5
Ali Murad: 191a/o (D Ali 41) Scouthill 'B': (A Malik 49, G Abbas 3/28)
Friends XI: 236a/o (S Hussain 73, A Rehman 4/30) Birkby Rose Hill: 125a/o (R Kumar 60, M Sarfraz 5/31)
Ideal Star 'B': 189a/o (T Mahmood 61, S Mahmood 42) Kismat 'B': 190-7 (I Mamaniat 50, A Mahmood 4/15)
Dewsbury: 171a/o (A Hussain 50, S Hussain 3/23) Azad: 146a/o (K Khan 52no, M Jamil 3/14)
3rd June 2012  

All games rained off.

17th June 2012  
Ali Murad: 69a/o Azad:82a/o
Kashmir: 128a/o Scouthill 'B': 76a/o
Birkby Rose Hill: 153a/o Kismat 'B': 114a/o
Friends XI: 169-5 Dewsbury: 165-6
Ideal Star 'B': 90a/o Dewsbury United: 92-4

1st July 2012

Kismat 'B': 213a/o Dewsbury: 129a/o
Azad: 160-7 Scouthill 'B': 151a/o
Ali Murad: 122-5 Ideal Star 'B': 121a/o
Dewsbury United: 182-9 Friends XI: 184-6
Birkby Rose Hill: No Ground Kashmir: Win Game

15th July 2012

Birkby Rose Hill: 211a/o (F Javed 116, N Ali 4/44) Dewsbury: 152a/o (A Hussain 51, F Javed 4/20)
Kismat 'B': 138-7 (I Mamaniyat 47) Dewsbury United: 139-1 (A Fazal 70no, M Shazad 58no)
Ali Murad: 175a/o Friends XI: 177-3
Ideal Star 'B': 103a/o Scouthill 'B': 105-9
Kashmir: 33-3 Azad: 29a/o

29th July 2012

Azad: 252a/o Birkby Rose Hill: 210a/o
Kashmir: 163a/o Ideal Star 'B': 142a/o
Friends XI: 211a/o Scouthill 'B: 137a/o
Dewsbury: 134a/o Dewsbury United: 135-7
Kismat 'B': 184-9 (MA Mamaniyat 35, M Hussain 4/30) Ali Murad: 186-5 (F Ali 42no, S Nawaz 38)

5th August 2012

Scouthill 'B': Rained Off Kismat 'B': Rained Off
Kashmir: Rained Off Friends XI: Rained Off
Ideal Star 'B': 219a/0 Azad: 203a/o
Ali Murad: 127-5 Dewsbury: 121a/o
Birkby Rose Hill: Dewsbury United:

12th August 2012

Scouthill 'B': 55a/o Dewsbury: 56-0
Kashmir 165a/o Kismat 'B': 105a/o
Friends XI: 185a/o Azad: 143a/o
Ideal Star 'B': 193a/o Birkby Rose Hill: 254-9
Ali Murad: 245-8 Dewsbury United: 119a/o
19th August 2012  
All Games Rained Off  
26th August 2012  
Dewsbury: 103/ao Azad: 70a/o
Ideal Star 'B': 146a/o Kismat 'B': 122a/o
Friends XI: 188-9 Birkby Rose Hill: 114a/o
Scouthill 'B': 47a/o Ali Murad: 50-1
Dewsbury United: 154a/o Kashmir: 158-3
2nd September 2012  
Ideal Star 'B': 118a/o Dewsbury: 180a/o
Friends XI: 363-8 Kismat 'B': 96a/o
Kashmir: 93a/o Ali Murad: 55a/o
Azad: 162a/o Dewsbury United: 168-5
Scouthill 'B': Win Birkby Rose Hill: Conceded game
9th September 2012  
Friends XI: 225a/o Dewsbury: 161-9
Kashmir: 226-9 Scouthill 'B': 195-9
Ali Murad: 263-9 Azad: 193a/o
Dewsbury United: 121a/o Ideal Star 'B': 110a/o
Kismat 'B': Conceded Birkby Rose Hill: won
16th September 2012  
Kismat 'B': Forfeited Dewsbury: Won
Azad: Forfeited Scouthill 'B': Won
Ideal Star 'B': 106a/o Ali Murad: 110-2
Friends XI: 199a/o Dewsbury United: 77a/o
Kashmir: 157-9 Birkby Rose Hill: 70a/o



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