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maula jan dewsburyName: Maula Jan
Date Registered: 10/4/2017
Club: Dewsbury cc

dewsbury rashid buttName: Muhammed Rashid Butt
Date Registered: 20/4/2017
Club: Dewsbury cc

dewsbury ayaz azamName: Ayaz Ali Azam
Date Registered: 26/4/2017
Club: Dewsbury cc


dewsbury saleem hafejeeName: Salim Hafejee
Date Registered: 17/5/2017
Club: Dewsbury cc

dewsbury ahsan mirName: Ahsan Sajid Mir
Date Registered: 26/7/2017
Club: Dewsbury cc

dewsbury muhammad saeedName: Muhammad Saeed
Date Registered: 26/7/2017
Club: Dewsbury cc

rizwan darName: Rizwan Dar
Date Registered: 3/4/2018
Club: Dewsbury CC


Name :Muddasar Jamil
Date Registered: 4/5/2018
Club: Dewsbury CC

wahid dcl

Name :Wahid Rasul
Date Registered: 29/06/2018
Club: Dewsbury CC


Name: Muhammad Asif
Date Registered: 22/7/2018
Club: Dewsbury CC


Name: Iftikhar Hussain
Date Registered: 20/7/2018
Club: Dewsbury CC










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